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Maria- Desperately in Unexpressed Love

I really love a boy, in my age for 2 years and I used to text him as the friend of a girl, who likes him but now we don’t talk. He would never think that I’m in love with him and I don’t want to tell him that I like him. I think that he doesn’t like me at all. Once he said that I’m annoying without even knowing me.... my motto is never give up but I think that this time I will. Once he said I’m good looking but that’s not enough!! I am desperate!! I love him!! I think of him all the time!! I really, really LOVE him!! My feelings are very complicated!! I think that I just don’t want to stop loving him but I also think that I have to. I don’t want to get hurt. I can’t tell him that I love him. I’m very shy in this kind of stuff. I am not positive with his answer. Please help!! There’s more in this story. Whenever I say that this is the time to give up something happens and I say I will try. For example; once he closed his eye to me and he was looking at me from the top to the toes! Please help!! If you do I will really appreciate it very, very much!! thanx!!
- Maria.

# Honestly Maria, it would be my pleasure to help you out. Don’t panic, just keep patience and flow with the wind of time. Don’t anticipate the future in the way that’ll make you desperate. Leave the results for the future and try your level best to attract him. These are the few things that you should start doing right away: Don’t be afraid of getting hurt by telling him that you love him. However, if you can’t tell him verbally then say it by your expressions; tell him by your care, by your love and by the special attention you pay to him. Try to get near him, Maria. Don’t be shy. Because that’s the only way you can move ahead if you want to begin a new relationship. Fine, don’t tell him now, “I love you” but express it. Try to be his friend, then best friend and so on…

Earlier, we had given hints on how to attract women, but this time I think, our topic is How to attract men. So, all you babbaal-lovers and babbaal-viewers out there, here’s to you and especially to you, Maria-

1. Look Attractive. No, no...Don’t dress like Christina Aguilera. But do make yourself attractive to men. Guys like those skin tight pocket less (half) jeans, minis n micros but you'll be more fun if you're comfortable. On a second thought, find out the image of his Ms. Right and dress like her. (Simple isn’t it!)
2. Don't dwell on all the negative things in your life. Be positive and upbeat.
3. Under no circumstances talk about your ex-boyfriend, you can tackle those subjects later.
4. Flirt. This is the starting point of any hook ups. There's nothing wrong with a little playfulness. If done right, flirting isn't leading a man on. It's an invitation to get to know you. Besides, it's fun.
5. Get Out There. Once again, this is common sense. If you never get into the scene, you're never going to be seen. So, let him know that you too are there for him.
6. Remember that men like women with confidence. If you like who you are, they'll like who you are.
7. Notice what a man is wearing and compliment him. Men often go to a lot of trouble to look good, but rarely get as many compliments as women do.
8. Find out what he's interested in.
9. Be supportive, caring and fun to be with.

-- Dr. Teen.


Suraj k.c said...

Don't dress like Christina !? Are you crazy? She's mind blowing in her dress.

Dorothy Grees said...

I was in a relationship for a short while, and it was great until he was acting badly one evening on a group outing with friends. I addressed his behaviour and we had a small argument- nothing serious- and all was resolved. He went quiet for a few days which wasn’t normal, so I suggested we meet to talk. But before I could say anything, he told me he wanted to end things, I was devastated, but I still love him truly. I search whole web and I found very powerful magic. He has this website , I buy from his love spell, and it worked after one month. I ‘m happy again.

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