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Jessica's Glitch

What would u say to a guy who thinks u are crazy but he is a freak and sexy and u wanna come and see him on monday so u can work things out with him. But if he doesn’t reply to the texts or emails but if he did yell would argue. What would u do knowing u really wanna work things out. Ok I liked this guy and he is too good looking so as things started to grow with him I kinda got a li’l crazy or obsessed with him but I didn’t mean to. I mean, as we started to talk I could see things I never ever seen in any other guy I been with. We were almost there until I messed it up so there was no relationship formed. He won’t even talk to me, nor text me back. What can I say to him, what can I do? I really gotta straighten things out between me and him he’s got all I ever wanted in a guy and he was almost mine.

 - Jessica/ Washington- U.S.A

# Okay, here we are again with a Love glitch that’s all the way from Washington, US. 

Jessica, it would have been better if you had revealed what went wrong between you two so you’re desperately trying to straighten things out with him. I understood you like him a lot, love him a lot. He’s your Mr. Perfect. However, without knowing the full story I might not be able to sort out your problem in a satisfactory manner. Anyhow, here I go….. 

If texts and emails are unanswered then how about a meeting, personal and up-close, I hope that should work. Or otherwise, invite him for a dinner or a coffee. Try to make him notice you either by your dress-up or personality etc. You have to be a little nosy in the beginning, which shows you’re concerned. Let the texts and emails be unanswered, no problem, as long as he reads it. Send him greeting texts, Hello-Hi, appreciation texts etc on a regular interval of time but be careful enough not to be buggy. If you think it’s your fault, messed everything up, then an apology is necessary. Cheers….and good luck.

-- Dr. Teen


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