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Rekindle a Love- How

What actually a girl wants from their partner? I cannot understand what actually a girl wants from their partner/ bf. I found that they want love and security. But why they change their bf so frequently if they will find any other guy who is near to her and support her. Why a girl feel that her bf do not love her as before who is in a long distance and they change their bf and also do not let ex-bf to know about this? Do we need to tell our gf frequently the three magic word "I love you" frequently to make them feel that we still love them as before. Why so? How could we make our gf to have same passion in love as before even though we are far apart?
 - Biswas, Brisbane/Australia.

# Very well dude, like I already mentioned in earlier posts, we have no control over others’ feelings. What we can/ might do best on our part is that we should be in touch with them, care for them, let them feel how special they are to us, and pay attention to them. In almost all cases girls are always having more guys around them, it’s quite normal. Boys are always trying to entice, impress and lure them, but it’s entirely up to the girls whether or not to give them a lift, and respond positively to the other guys trying to come closer, show care, love and support. Some girls are very weird, with very poor self esteem and have a strange way of comparing guys.

All girls are not same, so there might be different reasons to why they change their bf so frequently. May be they don’t feel like they are getting enough care and attention from us or may be, they are not happy with us or don’t see a secure future ahead with us. May be they just can’t help controlling their raging hormones. And yes, when there is distance, they’ll miss all these things from us, the one they love, the one they expected all these from. About maintaining relationship in distance, please refer to the earlier post, “Long Distance Relationship” in Teen problem section.

Bishwas bro, I would say she’s not your perfect love, because perfect love doesn’t need to change anything. Moreover, why do you want such a girl who keeps changing her boyfriend, every now and then. Be a man, don’t let the girls stalk you. But still, if you want to know how to rekindle your love, then start it off by understanding her better. Of course, you’ll have to care and pay attention to her even more. Make scheduled communications but more frequent than before. Now that you’ve already realized distance is affecting your affair, then try to minimize it. No! I don’t mean go back to Nepal and leave all the rest to hell. But try to be there for her by other means like via internet or telephone calls, letters as well. But be careful not to take away her wish of having some space, don’t go hard and fast, take it easy and be cool, be confident. Don’t chase her. Be a man, have self respect in you. All the best.

-- Dr. Teen.


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