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Maya- Unable to stand distance in love

Relationship started 5 years back. It’s been 1 year now he is out of country for his further studies. I love him a lot so does he but he doesn’t have time for me for he is busy with work and college and whenever we meet online we end up fighting on that or other issues and after we fight he doesn’t contact me for few days which I strongly dislike. I even told him I hate when he does that but still he repeats it every time. But whenever I ask him for a break up he begs me not to leave, he tells me he loves me a lot. I need help.
- Maya/ Thamel.

With all due wishes, I’d like to address this solution not only to Maya but also her boyfriend. And I believe this is yet another long distance relationship, once again.

Ok guys, it’s time to grow up and be a little bit stronger now ‘cause things aren’t the same as they used to be a year back. You two aren’t together now; you two can’t see each other, hear each other whenever you want. You have to admit it. Try to get a hold of yourself and realize this fact. I know there are times when either of you long for each other’s company at some best & worst times. Too bad, things have changed; times have changed now you too have to change.

@Maya: Whenever you meet him after such a long interval of time probably you start your conversation with complaints and anger for not keeping in touch with you for long. Try to be mature. He might be stuck with friends or roommates, or doing some assignments, project works, or even at workplace or college. He might be having hardly any free time. So, instead of showing your dissatisfaction, try to comfort him when he’s chatting with you after so long. And obviously he’ll be out of contact if you enrage him. May be he too thinks kind of like this- “I spare some of my time for my loved one, still she’s always quarrelling with me. Instead of being happy for the meeting, she’s picking out issues from the past when I didn’t have time for her due to which she had to suffer the agony of loneliness.” Yes, Maya forget the past when he’s chatting with you, enjoy that particular time; love and be loved. You, asking him for break-up for small-small reasons, show your immaturity and lack of understanding. The bottom line is that he loves you and he doesn’t want to break up according to those lines in your problem, however, he’s having a hard time to get in touch with you possibly due to some unavoidable reasons.

@Maya’s bf: Hey dude, it takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone but at times, it takes an eternity to prove that you love someone. Long distance relationship requires special handling, extra care, and a little more attention. You ought to check this link

-- Dr. Teen


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