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Do you have any problem in your love life, relationships which you can't even express it with even your closest friend? Do you ever wish someone to be there to guide you, advise you and tell you how to handle your love affairs, relationship and how to cope up with break-ups, relationship glitches? Don't worry, just ask Dr. Teen. Click here to submit your problem.

Ssssmokin' Problem of Sola

I have one girl. She is my friend. We had our friendship before 2 years. From that time she was interested on me but I didn't care. Before some months she cared me as if she was my closest friend. Then I was also interested in her. Later I proposed her. She said 'yes' but I was in bad habit like smoking. One day I told her about it, Than she was angry with me and went. I tried a lot to convince her, finally she agreed and I promised not to smoke. But I kept it up. Many of her friends told her bad about me. And one day she saw me smoking, then she just became angry and left me . we had spend a lots of time together and I really love her. But she does not understand me. Now she does not talk to me. She does not receive my phone calls, she does not want to meet me even. But I can't live without her. Now what shall i do?
- Sola/ Chandragadi.

# Trust is one of the most important thing that you should keep to make a long-lasting relation. No matter how small the promises are but it really hurts when a beloved breaks his/her promises. How would you feel if she had done the same to you? Smoking is a bad habit physically, physiologically and financially yet, that doesn't mean every smokers are bad. Here in your case what I think is; More than smoking, it's about trust, promises and the image of a perfect boyfriend to your girlfriend.

Hurry up man, realize your mistakes, go and try to convince her before its too late, try to be a better man for your girlfriend. You don't like your girl friend to find another better than you, do you? Promise her that you'll never repeat the same again, not only by words but be practical. Also ask her frankly what her friends had told about you. If it's true then you should apologize and try to overcome those bad habits. Peace talks can resolve anything, I assume, apparently. And please for the sake of your love, ask her to do you a favor. Ask her to support and help you quit smoking. I will also give you some suggestions to help you quit smoking.

1. You should create a strong will to quit smoking
2. If you feel like smoking, tell your self I'll smoke after another hour, not now, again after another hour repeat the same. Challenge yourself.
3. Use anti-smoking gum, or any such medications.
4. Ask everyone around you to discourage you from smoking
5. Make a daily success chart, How less you smoked today, and reward yourself for smoking less, from the money you saved by not buying cigarettes.

And I am certain, if you have a really strong desire to quit smoking, if you really want to prove your love to her, you'll be able to quit smoking and have a problem-free love life.

-- Dr. Teen.


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