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Sex before Marriage- Yes/ No?

I am a girl, 18. I’m in a relationship for about 5-6 years. He is a year older than me. His family is aware of our relationship and most of his family members accept me. We totally trust each other. We are ready to do anything for each other. Recently my friend had sex with her boyfriend. She talks about it all the time, how this has taken their relationship to next level. They are more into each other. And hearing all that I also want to take my relationship to next level. I know I will marry him one day, after our education, of course. But is it okay if I have sex with him now??? Or should I ignore this feeling and never think about it until we get married.
- Nikita/ Ktm.

# I read somewhere that Romance in relationship is like a fuel, it keeps the relationship burning never letting it burn out. Since, you are already 18; it’s absolutely natural to feel this way. You are committed in your relationship and as per what you have written about your man, I think you are one of the luckiest person around here. Well, personally I would say go for it, if you want it. Bear in mind that in almost every aspects of life, there’s always pros and cons. Some might say its not good before marriage, some others will say it’s okay.

You and your partner trust each other, are committed to each other, have no problems at all. On top of it, you are already accepted by his family; hence, I see no reason that you should hold your desire.

However, let me also remind you the importance of ‘FIRST NIGHT’. Trust me first night, is the night of unforgettable excitement, spine chilling situation. You feel shy yet there’ll be no denial from either of you. Just imagine what an awkward but wonderful time that would be. Everything, every event has a specific perfect time, and you can take the fullest out of any event if you perform it in the correct time and situation. If you want to experience your first night earlier than the official first night, then you are going to miss the whole point of first night concept. You would not enjoy your official first night as much as you are supposed to, isn’t it?

The rest is up to you and your boyfriend. Good luck.

-- Dr. Teen.


Anonymous said...

Yes , I agree with the solution.
The legal first night experience has tremendous importance in the future love affairs, romance and marital life.The concept of sin never let you enjoy the beauty of the first legal marriage night,

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