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Speaking Confidently

Hi! I am Raghini studying bachelor, 2nd year. My problem is that I get nervous while speaking with other persons apart from my friends and family, and everyone says my voice sounds so low and unclear. They often ask me to speak loudly but I think that my voice is okay. so, what should I do to overcome this situation so that I can get confidence in my voice while talking with another person?
- Raghini/ Singapore.

# Hummmm …… it's quite normal to feel terrified, nervous at the prospect of getting up to speak in front of an unfamiliar people and/or group, especially in front of a mass. Do your legs seem to tremble, your breathing seems to get short and fast, and you might not find the perfect word in your brain for anything that you might want to say. That's what happens, I assume. It happens to most of us at times in our life.

As with anything, the more you do, the more confident, and skilled, you get. So, the only solution for this is practice. Practice talking to yourself in front of a mirror, or ask a friend to volunteer you in delivering dialogues, a speech or talk about any topic. You can also record your voice in different ways of speaking and self-analyze it for volume leveling, then finally pick the best tone & volume suitable for you. (or, let’s say the best you think for your audience). Please, take into consideration, the following points while speaking;

1. Breathing properly is the foundation of all successful speaking, breathe slowly and deeply.
2. Let your muscles relax, especially around the abdomen. You can control these muscles by proper breathing.
3. Sometimes you can, hum. Aim to feel a tingle on your lips and in your sinuses. Humming helps bring your voice 'forward', might be a good start. (See! like I did at the start, hahahaha)
4. Don’t be nervous when you make mistakes. Human error is far from being a new concept — nobody is perfect! It is normal for everyone to make mistakes. Just calm down and keep speaking bravely.
5. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be shy. Don’t think you can’t.

Above all, take it easy, relax and enjoy talking.

-- Dr. Teen.


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