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Frantic Phone Calls

Hi! I am Hardik and I love a girl named Twinkle. It was all going so far- so good but all of a sudden, this morning a man by the name, Nitin called me and said "I’ve had physical relationship with Twinkle, if you don’t believe you can ask anyone.” I am confused now. Upon asking Twinkle, she denies it. However, on the other hand even my close relatives tell me that she’s not a girl of substance. Now what shall I do? Please please please help me...please friends…... My E-Mail Id is ********* Thank You... 
 - Hardik/ Ahmedabad, Gujarat- India.

 # Thank you Hardik, for sending us your problem. Well, just so someone calls you up and tells you that “Aap ki girlfriend ke saath meine ………… blah blah”, don’t go behind such bullshits. In addition, your girlfriend has also denied the fact. So, I guess there’s no problem at all.

However, on the other hand even your close relatives are not happy with your relation with her. Then, I suggest you to go for a reality check. Ask those relatives, who are not supporting your love, if they can show you any sign or proof- kind of thing. How well do your relatives know her? I mean, do they live nearby each other that they are aware of each other’s personal life to some extent? If you want Hardik, call back Nitin and have a friendly talk with him. Inquire him why he is saying such things and if he can provide any proof. If they can’t provide you any proofs, you should get all those craps out of your mind and start building trust within you. 

Cheers, all the best! 

-- Dr. Teen. 
[Note: Email Id undisclosed for privacy reasons]


Anonymous said...

hello hardik
its true, any boy cant tolerate this abt his Gf or wife,dont get confuse,search on this ,is really true or only fake bt if it is true.....jst be a great hearted.. coz nothing is superior than forgive.only in that situation if the girl is presently honest to you n loves u same like u do.
past is past,its in present and if u cant forgive jst break the relation.........dun hurt anyone

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